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Today’s society puts so much importance on unimportant things. We are tricked into buying 'stuff' that we don’t actually need. Many of us are focused on the newest gadgets, upgrades in technology, and what’s new on the market.

We waste money, so, so much money and we don’t even think twice about it. We often buy stuff, just to throw it away. Not just individuals but this is a common practice for businesses as well.

Ive seen firsthand the hardships that face billions of families all around the world. A mother who worries about finding even just a few grains of rice and beans to feed her kids. A sick child with parasites whose parents can’t afford to get medical attention. A five year old little boy left home alone to care for his three younger siblings. Families who live in dumps searching through trash for anything that might be of use to them. Houses made of scraps of wood, mud and bamboo, holes in the walls covered by tarp. A family who has lost their son due to gang violence.

When a child cannot go to school because their family cannot afford the $2.50 to enroll. When a child's teeth rot in their mouth because there is no other option. When a mother must give birth at home by herself because she can not go to the doctors. When a brother and sister work all day to find empty plastic bottles to turn in for money. When a mother comes to you with shame because she is asking for 50 cents to feed her family dinner. This is when we have to do something. We are so blessed. We can get a cup of coffee every morning. We can enjoy a nice dinner out. We went to school, even past the 6th grade. Yes, we all have worries. We worry about money, what college we will go to, if we will get a raise, where we will spend our vacation this year, etc. But what if we worried just for one day if we would be able to find food. If our children would be safe. If we would have shelter for the night. What if these were our worries?

One-hundred percent of your donations will go towards making these worries a thing of the past. Giving a family chickens for a constant supply of eggs. Providing school supplies and uniforms to children who cannot afford them. Paying for doctors visits. Building beds to allow for a good nights rest. A chance for children to be children. A chance for hope.

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